Fast Track Fellowship

A passport to create international pathways for Victorian music businesses 

The Victorian Music Development Office (VMDO), in partnership with the Australian Independent Record Labels Association (AIR) and Association of Artist Managers (AAM), will accept applications for the next Fast Track Fellowship program.

Open to Victorian music artist managers and independent labels, the Fast Track Fellowship facilitates international professional development, relocates selected participants overseas and immerses them within music companies over a two month period.

VMDO General Manager, Bonnie Dalton, explained that the VMDO is committed to creating international pathways for Victorian music business professionals.

“Artist managers and independent labels support our music industry locally and internationally – they increase opportunities for artists and creating sustainable businesses for Victoria. The Fast Track Fellowship will enable significant skill development and experiences; and also build sustainable opportunities, networks and relationships with the international music business community,” said Dalton.

The Fast Track Fellowship program includes return flights, visas and insurance as well as financial support for accommodation, on ground logistics, per diems and registration fees for professional industry events.

In 2019, two Fast Track Fellowships will be selected by an independent industry-based advisory panel that includes representatives from VMDO, AIR, AAM and the recipients from the inaugural 2018 Fast Track Fellowship – music managers: Charlotte Abroms (Hear Hear Music) and Guy Blackman (Chapter Music); and label managers: Tom Fraser (Pieater) and Amy Chapman (Wantok Musik). The Fast Track Fellowship is an initiative of the Victorian State Government.

Sharing their experiences with other Victorian music businesses and peers,  the 2018 fellowship recipients reported immediate increased business activity and outstanding career development for themselves and the artists they represent.

“The Fast Track Fellowships program is so important as it supports the business brains behind the artists. It’s crucial that we continue to develop the talented, knowledgeable and connected people who work behind the scenes and can curate improved business opportunities for all artists.” Tom Fraser - Pieater

“I came back fully inspired and confident from having worked alongside a wonderful community of like minded people. The organisational philosophy behind Everybody’s Management is similar to my own, their support by merely being in the same room was phenomenal. The AAM Fast Track Fellowship was truly a life changing experience and changed my world.” Charlotte Abroms - Hear Hear Music

The VMDO announced the first AIR Fast Track Fellowship recipient for 2019 - Rhianon Damas, Operations Manager for Two Shoes Records & The Cat Empire. Click here for the full story.

Key dates for the Fast Track Fellowship with VMDO in partnership with AAM:

·       Fri 25 Jan 2019 – Applications open at 12.00pm AEDT

·       Fri 8 Feb 2019 – Applications close 12 midnight AEDT

·       Wed 20 Feb 2019 – Announce recipient