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Business Plan

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Write a Business Plan - Business Victoria

This resource from Business Victoria is a great foundation to build a new business. Start by reviewing their guide to writing a business plan, followed by creating your one page action plan.

Export Business Plan Template - Global Victoria

This business plan is specific to export ready businesses and will help to identify trade risks, challenges, potential market entry strategies and more.

How to Write a Record Label Business Plan - Ditto Music

Developing a business plan should be one of the first steps for any new business. This template, specific to record labels will help set realistic goals, address any issues early on and develop a clear path for the future.


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Money, Profit & Accounting - Business Victoria

Business Victoria's suite of resources in this area includes setting up your finances, various checklists for external services (lawyers, accountants & bookkeepers), preparing a budget, raising capital, managing suppliers and more.

Templates and Tools - templates extend across various streams of business planning. These finance templates can assist with start up costing, various statement templates, financial calculators and a glossary of key financial terms.

Tour Accounting and Tour Float Templates - White Sky

White Sky have created and shared two handy templates for tour finances, in conjunction with APRA AMCOS.


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Classic Meeting Agenda - Office 365

Simple and effective, this meeting agenda template will help to keep the disussion on track.

Board minutes - Australia Institute of Company Directors

Used to record decisions made by a board, minutes can serve as reference for future planning and allow for decisions to be revisited if need be.

Marketing & Social Media

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Write a Marketing Plan - Business Victoria

This detailed plan will help to set a broad overview of your business from a marketing perspective: assessing your target market, customers and competitors, creative clear goals and objectives, conducting a SWOT analysis and understanding your product or service.

How To Create A DIY Music Marketing Plan That Actually Works - Reverb Nation

Written with the independent musician in mind, this how-to breaks down the basics of marketing, with relevant music industry examples.

The Complete Guide to Social Media for Musicians - Sprout Social

Easy and quick tips to optimise artist social media profiles, with loads of visual examples.

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Musicians and Composers Useful Resources - Arts Law Centre of Australia

Arts Law is Australia’s independent national community legal centre for the arts. This information page lists resources, including sample agreements. Arts Law can also assist with legal advice and appropriate referrals.

Music Industry Legal Pack - Australian Music Industry Network

This free resource helps artists and their teams navigate the legal complexities of the music industry. Various factsheets and checklists cover topics such as management, booking and recording deals, syncronisation, publishing and remixing, band partnerships and more.


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How to Conduct a Competitive Analysis for Your Online Business

By analyzing your competition and then monitoring them on an ongoing basis, you’ll get to know their behavior, enabling you to anticipate their actions and stay one step ahead.

SWOT Template - Leadership Victoria

A business 101 template to help identify internal business strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats. A SWOT is best represented in a clear, visual way to understand the whole picture.

Say What? Templates

Simple, copy and paste email templates that can be tweaked to fit any difficult client situation and take the drama out of the equation.

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