China Music Now: Recap


The recent China Music Now inbound mission has now concluded, bringing together international and local music industry representatives.

Taking place during Melbourne Music Week, 5 international speakers flew into Victoria to share their insights into opportunities that exist within China’s contemporary music market.

The VMDO offered a free 2 hour panel to the Victorian music industry, with audience spots selling out in advance. Topics explored included:

  1. The recorded music industry – physical, digital distribution, streaming

  2. Touring and festivals

  3. Media, marketing and connecting to a Chinese audience

  4. Future opportunities that exist for export-ready international artists

Key notes from the panel can be found here

The speakers participated in 1-on-1 meetings with over 20 key Victorian music industry representatives, making numerous meaningful connections.

‘The timing for the Chinese delegate panel and 1-on-1 meetings that VDMO presented was amazing. I’d already had a trip to Beijing scheduled and I was able to schedule additional meetings based on the delegate’s introductions. The delegates were from a broad range of areas across the Chinese music industry, and they presented a well-rounded picture of the music market there in its current state.'

Matt Tanner, Native Tongue Publishing 

Thank you so much to VMDO for the unique opportunity to make a meaningful connection with the Chinese music market. The delegates were all incredibly insightful and generous with their time, and I have a much stronger understanding of the music landscape in China as a result of the "China Music Now" sessions this week. I look forward to working with them all in the near future. 

Emily York, Penny Drop

Other key connections included:

  • Meeting 40+ representatives from local Chinese community organisations, corporates and governments during a Networking Morning Tea, hosted by City of Melbourne.

  • Boardroom roundtable meetings with Mushroom Group and Unified Music Group key staff members.

  • Attending various live gigs, seeing Victorian acts such as Angie McMahon, Ainslie Wills, Gretta Ray, GL, Harvey Sutherland, The Teskey Brothers and more.

  • Sitting front and centre for the Music Victoria Awards, seeing acts such as Baker Boy, Sampa The Great, Mildlife, Angie McMahon, Evelyn Ida Morris, Ella Hooper + Dallas Frasca 

Thank you again to the 5 incredible speakers who contributed so much to the Victorian music industry throughout their time in Melbourne:

  • Mathew Daniel, NetEase Cloud Music, Vice President – International (China)

  • Michael LoJudice, Modern Sky International, President – Global Business Development (USA)

  • Lolly Fan, Maybe Mars, Artist Manager (China) 

  • Alessandro Pavanello, Kanjian, Global Business Manager (China)

  • Ryan Wilson, Listen Up, Partner and Director of Asia (Australia)

Full speaker profiles can be found here.

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Source: Creative Victoria; Photographer: Jonathan White

Source: VMDO; Photographer: Sianne van Abkoude