Q&A: Kaiit & Mo Komba at Jazz India Circuit

The very wonderful First Peoples artist, Kaiit, was invited to India last November to perform at the Jazz India Circuit in Goa, as part of Australia Fest. Kaiit’s India tour was supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria and the Victorian Music Development Office - First Peoples worked with Creative Victoria’s International Trade team, Australia Fest and Kaiit’s management to make it all happen. We spoke to Kaiit and her manager Mo Komba from Alt Music to find out how it all went.

Image Credit:  @holysick_

Image Credit: @holysick_

Image Credit:  @holysick_

Image Credit: @holysick_

How was Jazz India Circuit, Kaiit? Was performing in India on your radar before this show? 

Kaiit: Never ever ever! It was such an unreal experience and was oh so thankful to be out there and to share what I love to do.

And from a management perspective Mo, were you considering India as a key territory to export into?

Mo: Even though Asia was a territory I was wanting to explore, I didn’t think India would be a place of venture anytime soon, but the whole experience was such a special time for all of us.

Tell us about your experience with Jazz India Circuit?

Kaiit: It was so beautiful being in India, the whole time I kept looking around thinking “I cant believe I’m out here!”. Just being there and meeting all the types of beautiful people and listening to their experience not only for the festival but the music scene in India was super insightful.

And as for the jazz music scene in India, what were your initial expectations? Were they different to the reality? 

Kaiit: From what I’ve heard, the music scene in India to me was either Bollywood or psytrance music. It was so special being able to speak to other musicians that were based in India and them telling me how they felt it was so important having this festival to bring spotlight to jazz which is something that may not be as represented as other music in the country.

Was there anything you wish you had known before the performance in India?

Kaiit: Honestly, it was such a perfect trip, even if there were things that didn’t go exactly as planned, everything went so smoothly!

If you could give one tip to Victorian artists (and their managers) performing in India, what would it be?

Kaiit: I feel this would be a tip to going anywhere... Enjoy every moment being there and all of what India has to offer you, locals are so lovely and will always try to help where they can. Most importantly stay focused on why you are there and the rest will follow. 

Mo: There is a large demographic that uses YouTube’s platform, so it can be very beneficial working with that to reach your Indian market.

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