Music Professional Opportunity: China Music Cities Convention 2019 + Clock Bootcamp


The Victorian Music Development Office (VMDO) have teamed up with CLOCK to offer two ambitious music industry professionals the chance to attend Music Cities Convention Chengdu, China, followed by a CLOCK bootcamp where they will have the opportunity to validate their skills and experience with formal qualification credits.

As part of a significant pilot program for Victorian music businesses, VMDO have secured two places in the CLOCK bootcamp and will provide flights and accommodation to Chengdu, China, as well as tickets to attend the Music Cities Convention before the bootcamp commences. 

To apply for the VMDO’s Chengdu CLOCK program, entrants must complete this application form before Wednesday March 27 and be prepared to travel to China on April 9, returning April 17. Flights, accommodation, CLOCK fees and Music Cities Convention tickets will be covered as part of this program (participants must cover all other expenses). 

Music Cities Convention is the largest and most extensive global gathering on the topic of Music Cities. The conference bring together leaders from governments, cities, academics and organisations from all around the world (including: USA, Jamaica, UK, Brazil, South Korea) to discuss, debate and introduce new thinking on the best practices on the use of music - and all its variants - to improve city life. Following on from the highly successful Music Cities Convention in Melbourne 2018, this year's speakers include Martin Elbourne (co-founder The Great Escape Festival & head booker of Glastonbury), Jasper Donat (president of Music Matters, Hong Kong), Dr Julia Jones (chief executive of Found Music, UK) and many more.

CLOCK is a groundbreaking international development and accreditation program that enables freelancers, employees and small business owners to gain higher level awards while doing their everyday projects and work. CLOCK run short induction sessions, two-three day qualifying bootcamps and individual programs for professional creatives and business owners who want to validate their skills at a master’s level, irrespective of any previous formal qualifications. 

The program is technology-based with professional sector experts who internationally benchmark skills and expertise for mobility. The current outcome is certification from the Scottish Qualifications Authority at Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) Level 11 or European Qualifications Framework (EQF) Level 7, which are equivalent to master’s level.

The VMDO identifies there are highly skilled people working in the Victorian contemporary music community who may not recognise the significance of their experience already achieved through the incredible work they do, so they’ve partnered with CLOCK to help music business professionals to identify and consolidate their strengths and transferable skills as well as contributing to formalised qualification.

The next CLOCK bootcamp will take place in April in Chengdu, China, immediately following the Music Cities Convention Chengdu. The bootcamp will not only provide all of the benefits of CLOCK, but will do so within the context of an international cohort from China and around the world. China has been identified as a key growth area for Victorian contemporary music, and the VMDO are working to help create pathways and partnerships for further opportunities in this exciting market. This is in line with State Government priorities and informed the recent VMDO ‘China Music Now’ program during Melbourne Music Week. Read more about the VMDO’s focus on China here.

For further information, click through to the Clock project page or please contact us at