Networking Breakfasts May: Emily Ulman

This month, we'll be hosting the 5th edition of our Networking Breakfasts, where we host a monthly get-together for Victorian music industry professionals.

On Tuesday 21st May, we'll be joined on the couch by Emily Ulman, the programmer for CHANGES. Taking place at Abbotsford Convent in Collingwood from 3-4 July, this year's event will focus on the future of music with panels discussing changes in music, technology, talks and ideas. Emily has recently returned from Music PEI (Prince Edward Island) in Canada and Music Biz in Nashville USA and will be sharing her experiences about these two conferences, as well as the CHANGES program.

Come for coffee, breakfast and idea sharing.

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Note: VMDO Networking Breakfasts are targeted towards Victorian professionals, currently working in the music industry.